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Loki demonstrating perfectly why, under no circumstances, should you try to hug him. Or like come near him 

I mean to rule this world. Not burrow in it.

Don’t go where I can’t follow

Lo·ki noun \ˈlō-kē\

a Norse god who contrives evil and mischief for his fellow gods







Tom Hiddleston for Esquire Magazine [HQ]

Fuck. Me.


hard…in that blue suit…thanks

yikes!  great stuff for the day to think of in needed times.

This and that voice clip. Are you TRYING to kill me?!

The Tower - Chapter Three


Mature audiences only - 18+
Thomas Sharpe/William Buxton/OFC Fan Fiction by LaterOvaries

Warnings: This fic will likely contain voyeurism, bondage, rough sex, and possibly some other shit. I don’t know just yet…so let’s just cover all of our bases and say it may get kinky.



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The ride back home was quiet, Sophie and William sitting opposite each other in the carriage. Sophie watched the passing scenery with a dreamy look in her eyes, thinking of something other than the sprawling landscape that passed by the window. William watched Sophie, his eyes dancing over every inch of bare skin, her face, the inch or so above her high collar, her hands that clutched the two packages in her lap.

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Loving this sooo much!! Need. More.

A True Scotsman


(Gushingly enthusiastic superlatives of your choice)  Loved this!  Absolutely, unequivocally loved it!  I might be somewhat prejudiced - full disclosure - my beloved is Scottish and I’ve always had a thing for men in kilts.

But that aside, this is definitely one of the best written fanfics I’ve ever read, with what has to be one of the most colorful - and spot on -descriptions of good oral sex - “sucking the unmerciful fuck out of Tom’s cock” - I think I’ve ever seen.  I also loved the “I like when pretty boys tell me pretty things” line.

Great, great job, tartanroyaltea.  Please excuse the fangirling.

sherekahnsgirl you’re too sweet! Thank you so much :)


quit doing that shit Thomas.  I see nothing on your lip for you to be doing that, so we all know it was for our benefit, not yours.

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